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Now Hiring Android Editors

Android Press is a small and relatively new independent press that publishes punk sci-fi, fantasy, and cli-fi. We're looking for new editors to help build Android Press and our catalog! Editors sift through the Press's submission slush and otherwise find and bring novels, novellas, novelettes, graphic novels and more from manuscript through the editorial process to publication and beyond. 

This is a remote position that can be worked from anywhere. Fluency in more than one language is a plus, but is not required. Editors earn 15% royalties on all titles for which they work as the primary editor. Each Android Press editor is an independent contractor with significant editorial freedom and ability to choose the projects on which they work. As such, editor positions require prior experience bringing book through the editorial process to publication. 

**BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, womxn, immigrants, people with disabilities, and folks from other marginalized demographics are strongly encouraged to apply**

How to Apply


Send a cover letter and resume to

Please include a list of the titles you've edited through to publication, including title, author, and a link to the published work.

Android Editors

The following androids are the punks who run this outfit. They put a lot of time, love, and care into curating stories and working with authors to develop and prepare the work we publish.

Justine Norton-Kertson (they/she/he), Publisher & Editor-in-Chief 

Justine is an author, musician, educator, and co-Editor-in-Chief of Solarpunk Magazine in addition to Android Press. They're the creative and musical force behind the antifascist neofolk project, Ashera, and she's currently composing and recording a solarpunk album. His apocalyptic hopepunk story, "Do Me Out," is forthcoming in Utopia Science Fiction Magazine. They have a degree in history from the University of California, Irvine, and are a former high school history, political science, and economic teacher. She lives in rural Oregon with her partner, puppies, cats, goats, and beehives. He can be found on Twitter @jankwrites

Leon Perniciaro (he/him), Assistant Editor

Leon is a writer, editor, translator, and part-time university professor, teaching courses in game design. He is the editor of Haven Spec Magazine and the fiction editor of Utopia Science Fiction Magazine. He is also a member of The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America and the Codex Writers' Group. Originally from New Orleans, he now lives in New England, where he's terrified of both the climate crisis and the Great Filter. Follow him on Twitter @LeonPerniciaro.

J.D. Harlock (he/him), Assistant Editor

is a Lebanese writer based in Beirut and the poetry co-editor for Solarpunk Magazine. His short stories have been featured in The Deadlands, Sciencefictionary, Defenestration, Wyldblood Press, and the Decoded Pride Anthology, his poetry has been featured in Penumbric, Mobius and Black Cat Magazine, and his articles/reviews have been featured in, Mermaids Monthly, Interstellar Flight Press, and on the SFWA Blog. 

More Assistant Editors Coming Soon!