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Android Press

science fiction & fantasy punks

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Our Story

With a mission of uplifting author and creator voices from marginalized communities and the Global South, Android Press publishes science fiction, fantasy, and light horror specializing in climate fiction and the various -punk subgenres. We love stories that are rooted in hope and optimism, as well as stories that hold up a mirror to our society, forcing us to reexamine our past and our values in order to move forward and build a better future.

Our founding project, Solarpunk Magazine, is a bimonthly fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and art publication that launched its first issue in January 2022.

We also publish novels, novellas, short story anthologies and collections, comic books, graphic novels, and table top role playing games. 

At Android Press we take pride in the attention that we give to the authors we work with. We aren't a publishing mill that churns out as many books as possible. We carefully select the work we publish, and we only publish a limited number of titles each year so we can focus on giving each author the time and care they and their work deserves.

Android Press is based in Eugene, Oregon.

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