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Android Press

science fiction & fantasy punks

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Android Press accepts both unsolicited submissions and submissions made by agents, but all submissions must go through our Moksha submissions portal. Any unsolicited query pitches or manuscripts sent by email will be deleted without comment or consideration.

We're currently open for query proposal submissions for novellas, novels, comic books, and graphic novels.

We're currently closed for query proposal submission queries for short story anthologies and collections.

Please do not submit a proposal unless you have a completed manuscript you are prepared to submit upon request.

Some Basics that apply across submission categories:

What rights are we buying?

We are buying first world English electronic, print, and audio rights. 

Manuscript Wish List

*Click Here for Individual Editor Manuscript Wish Lists

We love climate fiction as well as rebellious and revolutionary -punk genres.

In addition, we would love to see the following in our submission inbox:

  • Stories written by Indigenous, BIPOC, womxn, immigrant, and LGBTQIA2+ authors that bring their valuable cultural perspectives and experiences to the science fiction and fantasy worlds, and to solutions for building a better world.

  • Stories that have protagonists from marginalized communities and plots that center those communities.

  • Stories that take place in non-Western geographic and cultural settings.

  • Stories of unlikely allies that have at least some focus on the complexities of that difficult relationship.

  • Stories set in far-flung, distant futures and/or set in space in which the characters are connected to Old Earth through myths or legends that are important to their communities and worlds. 

  • Stories in which nature becomes a character in its own right.

  • Stories that center nonhumans and that depict humans learning to relate to nonhumans in ways not rooted in domination and power dynamics.

Hard Nos

  • First books in a series that don't work as standalone stories.

  • Stories with solutions that are greenwashing, capitalist, or rooted in uncritical consumerism.

  • Stories depicting monarchies, colonialism, imperialism, fascism, or other forms of authoritarianism in an uncritical way.

  • Stories depicting racism, white supremacy, sexism, cis-heteronormativity, ableism, or fatphobia in an uncritical way.

  • Gratuitous violence, especially if is targeted against any marginalized group.

  • Gore. If it's truly integral to plot or character and it only occurs sporadically, then we might consider it.

  • Porn or erotica. Eroticism and sex that is in service of the story is fine, but if it's the focus of your manuscript or takes up an inordinate amount of space, there are other publishers out there who publish such work.

  • Picture books or Middle Grade novels. It's not that we won't ever publish these, but if we do, it'll probably be by solicitation only.

  • Epic/Sword and Sorcery Fantasy. Again, it's not that you won't see books like this from us, but it's not something we'll take open submissions for.

Specific Guideline Pages:

Novels and Novellas (Submissions Open)

Comic Books and Graphic Novels (Submissions Open)

At this time we are not accepting queries for anthologies or short story collections.

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