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Submissions for Comic Books and Graphic Novel are Open 

Android Press accepts both unsolicited submissions and submissions made through agents.

Some Basics

We are a punk-themed outfit seeking to publish science fiction, fantasy, and light horror with speculative elements.

The following information and guidelines are for proposals for comic books and graphic novels specifically. This submission window is scheduled to be open through the end of July 2022, but it will remain open until our publishing schedule is filled through 2023.

We're currently accepting proposals for comic books [single/multi-issue & ongoing series], webcomic/newspaper-style strips, and graphic novels from

  • solo writers*

  • solo artists*

  • writer/artists

  • teams

    (*If you're an artist or writer looking to pair up with someone, we'll try and set up a team, but there's no guarantee we're able to do so.)

We're open to the idea of reprinting or collecting previously published comics even if they've been published online before. 

Please do not submit more than one comic book or graphic novel proposal at a time.

Please allow 60-90 for a response. If you haven't received a response after three months, feel free to inquire at


Proposal Details


*Artists: If you don't have a comic book proposal, but want to send us a link to your portfolio for consideration, please do so using the button below*

Comic book/graphic novel proposals should include:

Page 1: Cover Page (please include a cover page with the following information as the first page of your query letter.)

  • name

  • email address

  • category (comic book [single/multi-issue & ongoing series], webcomic, newspaper-style strip, graphic novels)

  • manuscript word count

  • bio of 100 words or less.

Page 2

  • Brief Synopsis

  • Character List

Page 3:

  • Bullet-Point Outline

Page 4:

  • If you're an artist, writer/artist, or there's an artist on your team, please be sure to include a link to a portfolio where we can view samples of you/the artist's work.

If available:

  • The finished script(s)

  • Comic writing samples

  • Concept art

  • WIP art or finished art

Accepted Works


If your work is accepted it will go through an editorial process with our team and be added to our publication schedule. The comic books and graphic novels we publish will be available on a variety of outlets such our website Comixology, Kobo,, and more. 

Crowdfunding campaigns will be run for select publications.

How much do we pay?

For comic books and graphic novels, we currently offer 30% royalties.

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