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Android Press

science fiction & fantasy punks

Android Editors' Manuscript Wishlists

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The following androids are the punks who run this outfit. This crew puts a lot of time, love, and care into curating stories and working with authors to develop and prepare the work we publish. Editors are listed alphabetically by last name.

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Robin Rose Graves is looking for:

  • mainly for science fiction, including contemporary with light science fiction elements, to even science fantasy or generally speculative. So long as it somehow can be considered scifi. Adult/New Adult/Young Adult.

  • LGBT characters for sure. Bonus points if it's a future that's past homophobia. I'll entertain manuscripts that depict homophobia so long as it has purpose in the story besides to make characters suffer.

  • Non-traditional family structures

  • Exploration of gender and/or presentation (I'm thinking books like The Unraveling like Benjamin Rosenbaum, where bodies can look however and appearance isn't attributed to gender)

  • Bioships/biotech

  • AI/Androids, particularly stories that explore motivations other than "trying to be human"

  • Aliens

Somto Ihezue.jpg

Somto Ihezue is looking for:

pretty much anything that fits within the scope of the press, but he’d particularly love to see

  • Stories that defy.

  • Stories that resist.

  • Stories that are kind, sincere, and unbowed. 

  • Stories that find the light. 

  • Stories that are home.

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Coral Alejandra Moore is looking for:

  • Character driven stories that focus on the complex relationships between characters.

  • Stories that emphasize building groups or communities to overcome obstacles rather than characters solving problems in isolation.

  • Stories that defy and especially stories that subvert the Hero’s Journey.

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Justine Norton-Kertson is looing for:

  • Speculative Climate Fiction (both dystopian horror and optopian/utopian

  • Science Fantasy

  • Punk SFFH:

    • Solarpunk

    • Lunarpunk

    • Ecopunk

    • Hopepunk

    • Steampunk

    • Cyberpunk

    • Godpunk

As well as stories that:

  • integrate social commentary into plot and character development without bashing readers over the head

  • also social commentary that bashes readers over the head.

  • highlight positive deviance and radical hope

  • have compelling villains/antagonists

  • depict utopian, but imperfect worlds; defending utopia

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Leon Perniciaro is looking for:

  • Adult to crossover-YA science fiction and fantasy novels and novellas

  • Science fiction or fantasy that has an environmental ben

  • Science fiction or fantasy that centers labor conflicts and rights

  • Social science fiction (but that's subtly executed!

  • Unusual alternate histories

  • Stories with found family and mutual aid and care


Leon is less interested in:

  • Straight-up horror

  • Stories that contain violence against children

  • Any kind of sexual violence

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