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Android Press

science fiction & fantasy punks

We Are Currently Open for Novel and Novella Submissions

Android Press accepts both unsolicited submissions and submissions made through agents.

Our novella/novel query submission window is currently open for science fiction, fantasy, climate fiction, and horror for Adult, New Adult, and YA markets, and will remain open until we've filled out our publishing schedule through 2025. Please do not submit a proposal query unless you have a completed manuscript you are prepared to submit upon request.

Some Basics

We are are a punk-themed outfit seeking to publish science fiction, fantasy, climate fiction, and light horror with speculative elements, including:

  • novellas (20,000–60,000 words)

  • novels (60,000–100,000 words)

  • short story collections [single author] (40,000–60,000 words) **

  • short story anthologies [numerous authors] (40,000–60,000 words) **\

    **not currently accepting proposals

Please do not submit more than one query proposal at a time. 

If you think a particular editor might be a good or best fit bast on their Manuscript Wish List, you can address your query to that editor. Otherwise, simply address your query "Dear Editors," and if one of our editors is interested in your proposal they will ask you to send them a partial or full manuscript for further review.

We generally respond within 3-4 months.

All manuscripts must have a science fiction or fantasy element that is central to the story or world to be considered.

We love narratives that are:

  • about scrappy, swashbuckling underdogs fighting to built a better world.

  • utopian, hopeful, dream big, and/or point us in the right direction.

  • focused on communities struggling to create a future in which nature, technology, and humanity coexist in harmony.

  • rooted in solving real world global social problems such as climate change and ecological destruction, authoritarian political systems, white supremacy, and corporate empire building. Yes, even when they take place in distant galaxies.

Click Here to see individual editor Manuscript Wish Lists.

How much do we pay?

up to 30% royalties​​

Query Letter

Your query letter should include ALL of the following:

  • Cover Page

    • name

    • email address

    • category (novella, anthology, collection, or novel)

    • manuscript word count

    • bio of 100 words or less.

  • Page 2: Pitch

    •  a one-to-two-paragraph, attention-grabbing summary of the book

    • Comp titles: other published book that are similar in genre and other ways to your book

    • Target Audience: genre, subgenre (if any), age group (Adult or YA), and anything else particular or relevant about people who you think will want to read your book.

  • Page 3: Synopsis 

    • Please provide a complete Table of Contents with a succinct, one paragraph description of each chapter. (chapter titles can be numbers)

      • Alternately, if your manuscript contains A LOT of chapters, you can provide a detailed summary of the story that is between 750-1000 words long.

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